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Default Newbie from Australia

Hi Guys
New member from, East coast of Australia. A bit of an intro, Iíve been around 2 strokes for more years than I care to remember I use to race RD350s & RD400s and Iíve also had a few dirt bikes.
These little motors are new to me ,once I came across this forum with thanks to guys like BarelyAWake and many others with there awesome how to it posts, I was inspired and had to try my hand at building one. So far this what I have, An old mountain bike that been sitting around in the back yard for at least ten years .The motor I started out with is a F80 with needle roller bearings in the top end . Whatís been done so far, the inlet and outlet have been ported, transfer ports cleaned up, small piston mods a Punch high compression head , expansion chamber, MM intake manifold re-ported and to matched to the intake port, speed carbie with a few small mods, expansion chamber port matched as close as I could get it and a set of slickasawrus mountain bike road tires. At the moment Iím waiting on a better CDI and an adjustable carbie a (Ben Ten) made in china (similar to CNS carbie) to turn up .The bike hasnít been even started yet. I donít know if I will keep this one yet, while I was building it I was thinking I could do better than this if I started out with better components.
Cheers JIM

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