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Default Re: Converting Norman's Headlight


My state requires brake lights on all mopeds. I also desire to live a long life.

I took my Dremmel and made some stainless steel barrels (from a ball-point pen), and mounted a pair of them on both brake calipers. From each barrel, I coonected a wire into the lighting system. When I squeeze a brake line, the barrels touch, and complete the lighting circuit. The barrels are insulated from the brake cable by aquarium air hose, so they don't short-out. These barrels fit perfectly over the ends of the (2007) Schwinn caliper boots.

Soldering stainless steel is not easy, so a person could use copper barrels instead (from Home Depot in the cable-TV electronic section). A person may not even need to Dremmel the copper barrels, because they are already pretty close to the right size. However, the stainless steel looks better (my bike is black and silver). The switch looks pretty sharp. It's simple, cheap, reliable, and effective.

I'll try to upload a picture tomorrow.


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