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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by dmb View Post
they [sec] will never play on the blue. but put up st. mama's girls collage [out of sec] and you got a 2 yr deal. at least oregon gave it a try. how's the morini going?
The Morini is setting wrapped in a garbage bag awaiting the right frame where it's been since I got a much longer throttle cable. As you might imagine the one that came with it was from it's pitbike/minimoto days. I've looked the motor over real good and if it has 100 miles on it I'd be suprised.

I am just dragging my feet getting started on the build. I think I have the parts needed to strech the BigMo. Next month I order the aluminum plate to make a set of pull-back risers. Stock riser is 3 inches, new ones I'm making will have a 4 inch rise and a 3 inch pull-back.

And, really, I MUST learn how to post photos, I bought a Mitsuba DV3000 camera so I have no excuse there. I just hate learning new things...sometimes :P
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