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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I repaired my chain and loosened it some. The clanging issue seemed to have disappeared.

Today, I rode to Orange Brian's house to check out his Roadmaster/HT shift kit bike. His chain is jumping/searching at the cassette, so he'll have the derailleur/cable adjusted. Brian's engine starts, but dies a few seconds later. He has a new Dellorto carb and intake. The bike sat for a few weeks, then the problem surfaced. Before I went there, he disassembled the carb, which had a lot of crud in it. I noticed there was no fuel in the clear line...and no fuel filter. Methinks the crud in the tank plugged up the petcock and its brass screen. Brian plans to install an SBP petcock and fuel filter. After cleaning the carb, he should have no problems.

Dang, we should've taken pics!

I agreed to sell Brian my latest find. He originally intended to turn his Trek/HT bike into a 17-mile round trip daily commuter. Methinks the bike I sell him would be a better daily driver. It's a Trek bike with Mitsubishi TLE43 2.2hp engine, Staton chain drive and NuVinci hub. It just needs new tubes, a killswitch and rear brake pads. It had been sitting at my place for several weeks. I pumped up the tires, and after a few pulls, the Mits engine sprang to life The previous owner/builder let it sit unused for three years, but after filling new gas and air, the bike started easily.

I don't think the engine is broken in yet.

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