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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Today and tomorrow were looking like they could have been much worse days.
On my way to work Thursday morning I had the back tire go flat on me. I had no choice, so I slimed it and made it there, slimed it again and made it home. Based on where the slime was spewing out around a spoke, I thought an old problem had returned with that spoke punching the tube. I didn't have time to grab a replacement tube so Friday I set out on the second bike. It went well, for about a quarter of the way there when the back derailieur tore itself apart and locked up the pedal chain. I found all the parts spread over my last 20' or so of travel. At least, it looks like everything. Turned around and made it home with time to take the car instead.
So today I sorted out the farked up derailieur, and retuned the shifter cable for it. I expected it to be moderately straightforward, so it fought me every step of the way. It's back together and ridable now. Tomorrow I'll put a dab of threadlocker on the offending bolts.
The biggest problem I've encountered with working on bikes after they're done is supporting them. I don't have a bike stand, or anything else to hold the bike up to drop a wheel, so I went with what has worked (sort of) so far, and threw a tie-down strap over a truss of the garage, lifted it by the crossbar and hooked on to each side of the carrier rack. It's not the most stable, but it works for dropping a quick-release wheel without draining the tank or mangling the muffler. Anyway, got the wheel off, got the tire off the rim and inspection shows it wasn't spoke related at all, and the rim liner is still in great-but-slimy condition. I've found the leak in the tube, and it might be savable. Tomorrow I'll wash the wheel and tire clean of slime and put in a new self-sealing tube I picked up. I was expecting to have to take the Dremel to the inside of the rim hunting for burrs and such. It looks like it'll be a fairly quick to finish job, so I expect it to find a way to fight me. If nothing else setting the wheel into the right spot in the frame and locking it in straight with everything aligned as always "fun".


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