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Default Re: Best brand of 80cc Bicycle Engine?

Originally Posted by alecwhardy View Post
I am looking for an 80cc bicycle engine kit online for around $200 - $250. I have seen many brands of engines with kit that all look identical. Some of the engines ive seen are:

-SD Stinger
-Mega Motors
-Flying Horse

The engine needs to be EPA approved, and something that will last a while and not easily break down. I am looking for quality, preferably something not chinese made if possible. Anyone know which brand above or not-listed is the best? thanks!
No such thing as 80cc in these engines, they are 66cc's, yes there are many "brands" of these engine kits out there, but becoming less & less all the time, they are all chinese made, none are guaranteed reliable and most aren't at all until there are some mods done to them and some of the other kit part replaced, NONE are great quality but some are better than others, brand isn't all that important in my opinion, each engine/kit is a crap shoot, you may get a good one that last several thousand miles and you might get one that seems good but only last a couple hundred miles before failure, my opinion.........stay away from the "stinger" engines, Got all my engine kits from BGF and had as good of luck as most people with mine, had one engine fail twice on me, but I have three others that have between 250 & 1300+ miles on them and still going strong.

If you are very mechanically inclined, service and waranty aren't that big of a deal, but if you are a noob to this sorta stuff then go with a seller that offers good service most of all, Local to the forum vendors are ThatsDax & Piston Bikes from what I've seen.

Hope this helps.

Peace, map
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