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Default Re: What happened to my thread!?

So how does a thread with out any recent activity in months posting ''to it in it'' wise get duplicated? I would check it periodically and it seamed to get regular views. Nearly 20,500 but who's counting?

That was fun to be apart of history. I think it dated back nearly 3 years ago come spring? Oh boy did I put some blood/sweat into that build!Oh well

I still got what I learned from it!

Stuff happens

Edit thought this through. I don't really care about it now that I think about. lol. The mods do such an outstanding job here. I actually just broke that bike down to make something else. Not sure yet but looks like another BoXer bike.

I will never do a J shafted Morini again anyway. After the single speed BoXer I tried its way better and simpler IMHO.. But I made that Borg Bike work lol.
Still gotta have a since of humor.

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