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Default What and where for a good motorized bicycle chainbreaker?

I've seen a few posts, I like the ideas, but what about buying a chainbreaker?


I like this but expensive
Roller Chain Breaker #25, 35, 41, 42, 50 & 60, USA Made - eBay (item 250219843027 end time Mar-03-08 15:41:45 PST)

This one looks cheezy Hecho is China:

eBay Motors: Chain Breaker NOS * (item 250219439249 end time Mar-02-08 12:12:23 PST)

Is this heavy duty enough:

Park Bicycles Mini Chain Brute CT-5 Breaker Tool - eBay (item 200203494154 end time Mar-27-08 21:03:10 PDT)

Park Bicycle Folding Bike Chain Breaker Tool CT-6 - eBay (item 200202585784 end time Mar-24-08 14:54:19 PDT)
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