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Default Re: KC's 'Keg' Under Seat Tank

Originally Posted by The_Aleman View Post
That's awesome, KCvale, you're a motorized bicycle parts ninja! Best use for ragjoint parts ever!

Love the Coyote tanks. I run a 6x12" and my brother runs a 4x8", both endfillers with stock brackets under seat, using laser-cut mounts.
Thanks Aleman ;-}
I always use 4/5 combo of rag joint back plates so I have a bunch of the 3/3 plates around.

I want to modify the next ones so the filler is a little more vertical like this photshop of the tank above.

They also need a smaller bottom fitting so you can use the stock tanks petcock. There are also 3 different combinations of the extra kit parts for securing the tank to the two rag joint brackets so chances are just the tank with it's gas cap and two mounting nubs is all you need to buy.

I tried the tank on 4 completely different bikes, 3 with a beach cruiser size seat, and one was skinny 10-speed type seat.
Since it mounts to the seats mount bolt it fit perfect on all 4 and it is adjustable at both ends to get it where you want it, but the 4x10" long tank did feel cumbersome when getting on the high skinny 10-speed seat.

Funds permitting I am going to order 5 more with my design changes.
Figure ~$150 if you want one of them.
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