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Default Re: Oh lawd...what have I begun?

Originally Posted by kermit007 View Post
Sooooo these results confuse me, and yes I disconnected everything when I tested everything.

Magneto Coil

1) Black & White wire - 0
2) Blue & White wire - 0

+Blue & -Black wire - 0
+Black & -Blue wire - 1.101
+Spark Plug wire & -Black wire - 1.115

Spark Plug wire & Black lead - 6.88k

Oh, and a picture of the stater. Seems cleaner than I expected it to be.


My magneto looked exactly like your does too.....but still when I replaced it all of a sudden the engine comes to life again......from what your readings are showing for your magneto Ive been told that sometimes the ground small wire shown in post #2 of testing your magneto thread has a poorly soldered connection or insulating blocking the connection.....reheating and re-soldering that wire after cleaning it could solve your problem.....Im gonna check the 2 magnetos I have for this that way I have spares if nothing else seeing as I already have a new one in the engine now......

heres my thread with my problem you can read on.....
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