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Default New guy from Delaware

Hi all! I had been looking at getting a 66cc kit for quite some time. I bought one 3 weeks ago. It has been an adventure for sure! My bike is a 7200 Trek and the frame tubing is large, this posed problems from the start. But this forum and good old Google has been very valuable. I had issues with the chain too, after losing the master link to the 425 chain that came with the kit and calling the few places around here only to find out they had no idea what a 415 chain was, I found on this forum a #41 chain works better. So I got 10 foot from Tractor supply company, after trying to knock a pin out to shorten it to no avail for about 4 hours, I found a place who would break it for me for $1. I tried the offset link approach to get the chain tight but the idler wheel kept shearing off the cotter pin I took the idler wheel off completely, removed the offset link and started the chain around the rear sprocket, spun wheel..chain is nice and tight now. I also found form this forum that #41 chain does not really stretch much. Chain fixed. Now, I am having trouble keeping the clutch cable intact, again to this forum I found Fisherman's clutch cable pulley mod which I will be purchasing from him.(thank you Fisherman!!). So, after about three weeks of a steep learning curve, I hope to have a reliable bike up and running! Thank you for this forum and I look forward to sharing experiences and learning more from you all!!
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