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Default Re: using choke to kill engine?

Originally Posted by skyyseeker View Post
Wow. That's a lot to take in. Um, i guess i'm getting that's it ok to use choke to shut down the engine as long as i turn the fuel off too... it won't hurt the engine if i do it. I don't know why my kill switch stopped working, just kinda happened one day. I checked all the wires and they are still connected. So, i dunno. Anyway, thanks guys for answering my question...the outboard engine stuff was interesting too.
IMHO I say there is way more so called pressure on the said needle valve when the bike is running. These engines vibrate. That is a night and day difference from simply sitting still.

I get what the guy said he did not run it empty just split the difference. That sounds peachy. Still taking a hand off the bars. Alls I am saying is to be care full guy's and alert! Its not do as I say lol I remove my hands sometimes for a second on extra long rides when there are a little cramped just to flex them and stretch them a little.

I stalled my china's to turn it off before from an Idle that is harmless enough.

Originally Posted by Acraze View Post
Ive started to use the choke to turn mine off as well, I'm guessing the stock switch is crap and thy why when I hit the kill switch it just does mini not loud backfire sounds, takes about 8 seconds to die. I've also attached a long zip tie to the choke arm on the carb so it is fairly easy to just pit hand down and pull up.
The easy to reach zip tie sounds nifty..
Your still have a hand missing from the handle bars. This sounds terrible at 30 miles an hour. Or any speed I think.
Here is a link
Still gotta have a since of humor.
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