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Default Re: Oh lawd...what have I begun?

Originally Posted by kermit007 View Post
Hokay, things I've done now:

Electrical - Checked connections from the stater to the CDI. Not sure how to check if the CDI is working itself. New cable, new spark-plug head, verified the cable to the head is 5ohms. Removed the killswitch from the mix.

Carb - Pulled it apart, looks clean. Like barely run clean.

Piston - Barely any carbon on it, but cleaned off as much as I could.

Air filter - Pulled off, looks clean.

Fuel line - Replaced the fule line, tossed in a fuel filter. Oh, getting gas from the muffler when pedaling so guessing the gas is moving.

Haven't been able to see any spark thus far however which is where I think the issue is, but all the wiring checks out.
Ive recently had an issue with my new motor not getting spark has been corrected by replacing the magneto....10 to 15 dollar part from the vendors here.....history on this forum dictates that CDI's are nearly bullet proof and of the two parts to go out in the ignition its almost always the magneto.....was for my issue anyway....hope this helps
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