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Default Re: Oh lawd...what have I begun?

Hokay, things I've done now:

Electrical - Checked connections from the stater to the CDI. Not sure how to check if the CDI is working itself. New cable, new spark-plug head, verified the cable to the head is 5ohms. Removed the killswitch from the mix.

Carb - Pulled it apart, looks clean. Like barely run clean.

Piston - Barely any carbon on it, but cleaned off as much as I could.

Air filter - Pulled off, looks clean.

Fuel line - Replaced the fule line, tossed in a fuel filter. Oh, getting gas from the muffler when pedaling so guessing the gas is moving.

Haven't been able to see any spark thus far however which is where I think the issue is, but all the wiring checks out.
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