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Default Re: Oh lawd...what have I begun?

Haha, figured no one would notice that. Those pictures were taken before I tracked down a spark-plug for the thing so it's not attached to anything there. It's in the right spot for sure now. Don't think it's a RAW motor though. Meant to link directly to the second image in the album since it's got a closeup of the motor. Has a big M on it, and you can almost make out the rest the logo, but it's been worn off from the heat I'm guessing.

I'll be mucking about with it in the morning though, and check all these things out, and yeah the gas is turned on. I'd shoot myself if I forgot to turn the lever. Fuel line seems to leak a little when it's on too, but will work on that as I go.

I honestly think the previous guy got it second hand, and never had it running. Seemed even more clueless than me about the bike which to me seems pretty hard
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