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Default Oh lawd...what have I begun?

So I ended up going to Burning Man this year finally (yay!), and found I've got an unholy fetish for bikes I forgot about since my last bike was stolen 10 years ago. Been looking for a road bike on CL, but ended up tracking down someone dumping their motorized bike on for $60. Problem they were having was laziness, a flat, and a spark-plug. Oh, and the damn thing needs brakes, but let's work on getting it to go forward first right? Got a spark-plug that I was told will "work" (it's a little short while I look for the right one), and replaced the inner-tube.

Getting to the problem here however. Damn thing just doesn't want to run. Engine seems to turn over, and sound like it's running. Even seems to vary the noise when I lay into the throttle. Yet every time it just dies when I stop pedaling. I also disconnected the killswitch entirely (tried searching a bit at least).

Any guesses where I should be going with this?

Oh, and I can't figure out who the heck made this thing so heres some pics in case anyone might be able to help me figure that out so I can find the right sparkplug for this thing.

Full Album
Right Side
Left Side
CDI Wiring

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