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Default Re: using choke to kill engine?

No one has addressed the safety issue involved with a working kill switch.
They are not just a convenience. They are a method of shutting down the engine in the event of the need for a panic stop situation. There have been a number of reports of a sticking throttle/runaway engine posted here on this forum. Granted, that's usually due to improper installation of the throttle cable or a carburetor malfunction, nevertheless.

Imagine youself doing 25, 30mph or more and coming to a busy intersection, your throttle sticks open and you fumbling down between your legs looking for the choke lever. As far as using the clutch to shut off the engine, That won't work at 30mph.

If you don't have a working kill switch that is handy to reach in an emergency, you could be setting yourself up for an accident.
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