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Default Re: Regular bicycle chain for motor?

I've used KMC single speed chains and it works. I can't fit a 415 chain (hits my spokes- coaster brake build with the grubee cog on the hub and one donut to mount)

DO NOT use a walmart chain. I tried it for grins and it snapped in 10 minutes.

I've heard of people using garage door opener chains from the hardware store.

Either way, you might have to file your cog teeth a little (either to "sharpen" them or to shorten them if you are getting chain jump or clicking)

Going to the 36 tooth and using a spring tensioner made a world of difference.

I am thinking of adding a rear rim brake and swapping the hub to a freewheel hub, but that would add a lot of expense (brake and lever, mounting plate for brake, hub, BMX freewheel, sprocket adapter-not using those rubber donuts to center the cog! scary)
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