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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Blakenstein View Post
Went out for a CIBC bank get bank account for PAY PAL only. After account was finalized, I deposited $250.oo The bank refused one of my $50.oo bills and said it was not real!!! Man did I get angry and told them that bill came from the TD bank and that it was real. So before taking it back to other bank, I rode my bike and took the bill to the RCMP station(federal cops) There, the security gaurd told me that it is only administration building and to go about 20 blocks away to get to the RCMP.
So, back on my bike and when I get there, its not the RCMP, but the Edmonton City Police!!!!! They told me that the bill is real!!!! Before I exchange it, I am going to find out how common this misprint is because if it is a one of a kind misprint, then collectors will pay good money for it. Any way my motorized bicycle took me on this run around and back home again. I was in the house, and the motor was iddleing outside, to cool down before turning it off. Just as I was going out the door to shut it off, it turned off all by itself.
That's why I only deal with $20 bills or smaller. If I get stuck with a counterfeit $20 or less, I can live with that. If I get burned with a $50 or $100 bill, I'd feel that pain for the rest of my life. Here's how it goes down at my bank:

"Let me have $1000 in cash, then deposit the rest".

"How would you like it? Hundreds?"

"No, I want it all in $20 bills."

"Sir, that's a lot of 20's".
"Yes, I know. I've been cashing my check like this every month for nine years".
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