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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

It was a beautiful day so I cut out for a quick ride. I had the "quiet muffler" installed and the bike was so quiet I could hardly tell it was running. The Nexus hub worked fine even though it was under water during hurricane Irene. I rode for a mile or two along the river, watching the shrimp boats going in the opposite direction. Everything was perfect right up to the point I threw the secondary drive chain. Initially I thought the problem was the 36-tooth Sick Bike Parts sprocket I recently installed on the on the wheel since the teeth on the new sprocket are not quite as long as those on other sprockets I have used. After closer inspection I realized that the rear wheel had moved forward throwing the sprocket out of alignment, causing it to throw the chain. Apparently I failed to tighten the wheel nuts when I removed and oiled the chain last week. This experience made me realize that there is one disadvantage to having a single drive chain, if it goes, there is no pedaling home. Anyway, it was a nice walk back and after reinstalling the chain I was able to complete my ride. The Red Hornet is a blast to ride!!!!
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