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Default Re: NuVinci hub and staton drive

Hi Downunder,
I had a similar experience with my set up. I'm running a honda gxh50 with the Nuvinci hub and also broke the freewheel sprocket on the gear box after 130 miles. Mine was an 18 tooth and I replaced it with the 22. The 18 tooth sprocket was not spot welded, but the new 22 tooth sprocket is and was told that the 18 and 20 tooth sprockets did not have the spot welds. Anyway, David Staton told me that the freewheel broke due to being overtorqued....most likely due to giving it too much throttle while in the lower range. If I had it to do over again, I'd probably go with the 35cc rather than the 50 if I was using the Nuvinci hub. So far, the 22 tooth is performing okay, but I'm really taking it easy with it and trying to keep my sons off the bike lol. We'll see how it works out Good luck
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