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Default Re: So where do you keep your gasoline ??

When I was at an apartment, I would just keep it on the patio at the top of the stairs. I have a 1 gallon with the standard safety lock triggered nozzle, so I removed the safety lock. This way, when I'm walking by it and it's bulged out a bit, I can just step on the lever to let the vapor out.

I also have a "chwinn" seat post luggage rack I had someone custom weld a metal box and bungee hooks onto for my gas can (increasing my distance to about 100 miles [or 2800 miles if I fill it with opti2 and hit every gas station on the way]).

Really though, in your situation, I would get a standard old school vented metal gas can. Store it wherever, the fumes will escape at first, but it will settle to the point where you can flip hot cigarette butts into it if you so chose to.

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