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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by The_Aleman View Post
I'm beginning to wonder if the 3000 mile mark is unlucky for me and MaBs. The last motorized bicycle I had that made it to 3K broke the frame around that mark. Thankfully, it didn't happen to me this time, but my bike "OCD" hit the 3K mark and promptly munched a chain and got a flat tire. I was expecting the (very beat-up) chain to munch, but not the flat tire. Argh.

So, I decided it was time to give the girl some well-deserved TLC. Off went the 4G, then the engine, then the gas tank. Turned the bike upside down and pulled the wheels. Pulled out the Simple Green and some rags and scrubbed off all that road dirt she'd been accumulating.

To-do list for the next day or two:
replace tires with a pair of Kenda Kiniptions that I got a great deal on
change oil, install Drainzit #1010 remote oil drain hose
drill out and tap all 4 engine base holes for conversion to SAE 1/4" stud
upgrade cable holders from zipties to rubberized clamps
replace all 3 chains, replace 4G belt

Things I need to do, but can't do quite yet:
get wheelstand rewelded (need welder, but he's busy)
replace jackshaft and jackshaft mount (jackshaft is slightly bent, mount is chewed up)
replace crank sprocket assembly with regeared HD version (have in toolbox, need 1 more sprocket)

Good times, good times.
WTH is a remote oil drain hose All I can picture is you holding a radio control for a T-MAXX hitting the switch and the oil dumps out ..James Bond style.. Shaken not stirred?!! or do you mean remote as in "hidden well?"?
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