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Default I messed up my hands. fell off

So yesterday I was ridng my bike about 20mph and out of nowhere my bike tire just locks up and throws me over the handle bars, first reaction is to throw my hands out forward which I did. I scraped my hands up pretty bad thick skin is missing and it stings alot. So I layed om the concrete floor for about 2 minutes trying to deal with the pain I got and this kid that saw me fall came to help me up and told me to get out of here which I shouldve listened and just left because a minute later an ambulance came so apparantly a lady called the waaaaaaaambulance saying she saw a kid fall off his bike. They did the whole checkign procedure on me and wrapped my hands up. But I told them I was fine and didnt want to go to the hospital. They were having to at first because im a minor but I called my mom up and the lady ambulance talked to her and they let me leave. Question is how the heck did my tire just stop? I looked at the chain tensioner to see if it got caught in the spokes and no it was fine. But shortly after when I was leaving I sat on the bike and wasnt going to start the motor with injured hands, the motor chain snapped I was like wtf so I peddled home. Now I gotta buy new pedals new 415 chain, and a new seat because it got chewed up by concrete. fml my hands hurt.
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