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The vest was from one of the safety-supply places around town, they sell different styles of vests, outdoor work wear, protective gear etc. The refelctive tape was from the bike section of a Wal-mart type store. This is my bike, the back end doesn't show well but the reflective tape is wrapped around the back corners of the rear basket, a straight section across the middle of the back.. left over snippets and bits of the tape were put on the ends of my fenders, and a bit each side wrapped on my bar ends, etc. As a rear light on the basket, I'm using a reflective leg wrap that has a row of red LEDs on it, they either blink or light solid if you hit the button again. Most of the tape on the baskets I put on to a plastic that's made like corrugated cardboard, and used some small cable ties to hold them on at the ends and where they turn corners. The front lights I'm using aren't very good for seeing by, they're more to be seen so that others know you're there. I have to change that, as the lane behind my house is pitch-black dark, no streetlights reach it. (Found that out first time I came home after dark, turned into the lane and couldn't see anything.. not garbage cans, wet leaves, or anything... made for a fun downhill-and-around-the-curve to my garage).

I'll have to remember to take a few pics in the dark or failing light some night this week.


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