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Default Re: Goodwill For Bikes

From Wikipedia:

Boro has several meanings:
Boro, New South Wales, a locality in Australia
Boro (Formula One) was a Dutch Formula One constructor.
Boro, Togo is a village is the Kara region of Togo
Boro is a local nickname for the English town Middlesbrough
Middlesbrough F.C.
The BORO Method is a process for developing formal ontologies.
An informal, shortened form of the political division type borough, used both in the names of some towns, but also as official county level subdivisions in the Northeastern United States, especially Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia.
Boro is also a variant spelling for the Bodo (community) people of northeast India
Boro Isaac Adaka - a celebrated Niger Delta nationalist and Nigerian civil war hero.
Boro is a variety of rice grown during the dry season in Bangladesh

thegnu what the heck are you talking about?
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