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Default Re: Commuting - New to Motorized Bicycles

Originally Posted by Beyond Driven View Post
The two kits that I was looking at are the 4 stroke Skyhawk/Grubee kit and the Flying Horse kit. It appears that both come with the same HuaSheng 49cc engine, which sounds decent enough, but which kit/mounting gear is a bit more reliable? I have heard of problems with the tranny and belt drive with both, but just want your guys' opinions. Obviously the Flying Horse kit is a little more appealing because its 50$ cheaper.

4-Stroke Pull Start 48cc Bicycle Engine Kit EPA Certified
True both come with the same engine, but don't be tempted with the
$50 cheaper price.
Be warned that the Bikeberry kit has the old style Hoot gearbox on it.
There is no pic on Bikeberrys add of the "5G" gearbox.

The Grubee 4G is a MUCH superior gearbox to the Hoot although the
one from has the 4 to 1 gearbox with the problematic one
way bearing.

Buy the original 5 to 1 4G gearbox with the kit from

Here is what you actually get from Bikeberry as the "5G" kit

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