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Default Re: So where do you keep your gasoline ??

Oh crap. I did not consider the static electricity from the bikes. I need to remove it ASAP. Thanks so much for the tip. I've been really paranoid about this problem today.

See I'm a poor college student that purchased a motorbicycle because I can't afford a car. It's my only means of transportation to and from school. I'm not doing this out of laziness or recklessness. It's really out of necessity and lack of alternatives.

I store my bicycle inside the apartment but I'm not as worried about it because the bicycle is only inside the apartment when I'm inside. If something were to happen, I have a fire extinguisher I can use. And correct me if I'm wrong but it seems safer due to the metal tank.

I might strongly consider mixing 0.5 gallons at a time as needed to avoid having to hoard gasoline. Man this is all very stressful. My bike might be causing more problems than I thought it could solve.
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