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Default Commuting - New to Motorized Bicycles

Hello everyone, pretty cool forum you have here. I've been around bicycles for years and am a pretty avid road cyclist, but a motorized bicycle is something that I've wanted to build for years now.

Basically I am looking for an eco-friendly commuter to get me home and back to school every few weekends (I am away at school - but only about 49 miles of backwoods highway from my apartment doorstep to my driveway at home). Can I build a 4 stroke bicycle that will reliably be able to cover this distance and back every few weeks? Say 200-300 miles/month.

The two kits that I was looking at are the 4 stroke Skyhawk/Grubee kit and the Flying Horse kit. It appears that both come with the same HuaSheng 49cc engine, which sounds decent enough, but which kit/mounting gear is a bit more reliable? I have heard of problems with the tranny and belt drive with both, but just want your guys' opinions. Obviously the Flying Horse kit is a little more appealing because its 50$ cheaper.

Grubee SkyHawk 4G T-Belt Drive 49cc Gas Bike Motor Kit from
4-Stroke Pull Start 48cc Bicycle Engine Kit EPA Certified
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