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Default Re: So where do you keep your gasoline ??

Hi. You want that gasoline in a well ventillated area if stored in your house. A 1/2 teaspoon or less of vapor is heavier than air and, without ventillation, can stay in a cabinet or corner of a room for years waiting on an ignition source to become an unknown cause of a fire. Secondary containment as plastic bags, I don't know, with a little bit of vapor in there, that's a bomb. I would seal the bags and certainly be gentle with them, then outside I would turn them inside out and shake good before storing gas container in there. Overall it's safe in a home as long as you keep open the door of the room all day or regularly to keep the area well ventillated. Thankyou. I store a gallon minimum in my bedroom. It's well sealed with cap, no secondary containment, look at all the stores they sell camping gas, starting fluid, solvents like acetone, <0 degrees flash pt. and, within the molecule, has it's own oxygen to burn, and gasoline additives. I think it's OK in doors as long as you understand what you are dealing with. The chemical industry is one of the saftest of all. Chemicals don't lie, they work within certain rules, and if understood, they are very safe.
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