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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

lol 5-7, I've heard that too. Of course, that's the average department store bike! Back in the 80's I received a yellow Diamond Back MTB for my birthday, my first non-BMX at the time. I put over 50K miles on that bike and sold it to a guy who really needed it when I got my first car in '93. After the novelty of being a cager wore off, I bought a '96 Schwinn Cruiser Six and put over 32k on that one before it got stolen. Owned a couple department store bikes since, but they were all heavily modified and ridden a lot!

None of my bikes have been ordinary, and neither are the bikes many of us MaBers ride!
Heck, some of you take trips longer than 75 miles in one day!
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