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Default Re: My experience with air filters

Originally Posted by skrew37 View Post
...I got one for $1.99. it fits right over the intake on the carb. spray a little filter oil on it and viola! it doesn't look half bad, fixes the clearance issue, is cheap, and works great! just thought i'd share...
Defo a good tip! I thought I should mention if you've one of the Chinese two smokers - you may find oiling the filter unnecessary as there's plenty enough backblow from these unreeded piston ported motors to take care of that for ya, but if ya choose to anyway - you might end up running a bit rich...

Which can be compensated for ofc, but I found that the restriction differences between a clean filter, a dirty one, unoiled & oiled can be close to a full needle clip adjustment, so between that & the backblow I've stopped bothering to preoil the filter (the backblown gasoline also tends to flush out the filter oil, resulting in a "variable" fuel/air mix).

Oiled filters are w/o a doubt the best at removing small particulates however, so it's defo yer call

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