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Cool Re: well i messed up big time

Originally Posted by dropleg View Post
ok, its not my fault. the Chinese didn't tap it correctly. i have a plant to fix it without drilling
Ah, yes.... welcome to the wonderful world of the HT china girl engines.
Just a quick question...Is the intake port in the cylinder the same shape as the one in the intake manifold?
If so your ok, if not you got some port matching to do.
Once the ports line up correctly, you can re drill and tap the manifold and intake while they are still off the engine cases.
Remember, a gross miss match in the intake port will cause turbulence in the intake track, turbulence will cause the fuel/air mixture to fall apart (droplet fallout) this is a bad thing on a 2 stroke, think of it as de carburizeing the fuel.
This will cause it to 4 stroke or not run at all.
I use a hunk of modeling clay laid over the port, then I press the manifold in its correct position, then i pull it apart and very carefully take out the hunk of clay and examine it, this tells me were and how much metal to grind out. Be conservative here, do not remove to much metal!
Match the port and intake manifold to the intake gasket if you cant do the clay trick, but that requires you to position the manifold FIRST!
Good luck.
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