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Default Re: Why we need helmets

As I read this thread and looked at the pictures, it reminded me of a chap who was forced into the curb on his small cycle some 30+ years ago.

I came by on my way to work in Tucson (AZ, USA) and he was setting there by his motorcycle helmet that had hit a fireplug. The helmet was spit into two pieces.

I was only riding trailbikes at the time and had bought a half shell helmet for it. I put several dents in it over the years.

Now with the motorized bike I have some other concerns. I have had eye surgery twice in the last several months and 70 year old watermelons are a bit over ripe and would split easly.

I ordered a 3/4 motorcycle helmet with a built in pull down face mask. Will leave my bike helmet for riders of the electric scooters we take camping

This thread brought to mind that if I am disabled in riding the bike, others will have their lives changed in order to care for me. A bit selfish if I don't take some precautions. The hand / wrist pads have a hard plastic 90 degree insert to protect the heel of the hand. I remember a number times I had road rash there when riding a bike 60 years ago.

Thanks for the wake up call. )

Easy does it, but do it!
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