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thanks, my cm400 is a good bike.. well was, it was gunna be a cheap project until lost interest after i broke my foot.. i wasnt being responsible and didnt put on my safety gear when i was taking it for a test ride after a repair and my foot slipped.. but the good news is my 4 year old wont even sit on his quad without safety gear lol

but to the cm it needs some wiring done, it runs but i have it 60% apart. im hoping to get $400 for it, i think its a fair price as its titled and i found non titled non running bikes for $600.. unfortunately this bike blue books as $850 in mint condition

ive always wanted a small 2 stroke motorcycle to make a mini cafe style, always been a fan of skinny wheeled bikes. my first bike was a 74 dt100 and i loved how light it was. now my foot is messed up i cant shift without pain.

anyways i was told the engine is an 80cc. anyone know how i can tell the size? or the brand i know there is alot of different makes. i will be tearing it apart because the cylinder gasket looks like cardboard.. as for the cdi thanks for the link but im planning on doing the "roll your own cdi" so i wont have to keep buying them as they die. and i have plenty of pit bike parts and coils. what is the name of this particular ignition type? with no pulse coil, ive never seen one like it
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