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Hey everyone. I've been involved with motorized bikes for the past two years. I'm 16 and the bikes are great. I've lived on a boat my entire life. I stay on my own 30 foot catalina and my parents own and live on a 36 foot union polaris behind me docked in california. So my back story with MO-bikes yeah, they require the extra maintanance, but success seems to be continuing while everybody else has quit. Which is a necesity with these bikes. My first Mo-Bike I bought from a friend, he was tired of it and I picked it off him for 70$. It ran well, A sea foam green schwinn with an extended springer "Linking Lead" as I've heard it called before. Since then I've put alot of time into it making it run and having fun with it. But after some time sitting and unproper 'keep up' it detereorated in value. So I gave up on 'Big Red' as I called it after giving it a 50's style paintjob and pin stripe. I ordered a Huffy Panama Jack becuase I thought it fit me well. And I got a motor kit from a guy I met selling and making bikes out of his motor home. A cool retired veteran with a nack for these simple motors. I worked with him and built bikes with him. Helped him sell them and ride them. Since then, about a month ago I figured to start building and selling these as to one day achieve a bike worth all the time I've put into these. Thanks for reading. And have a nice day.
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