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Default Re: Why we need helmets

Talking of serious head injuries about 5 months ago i went out with the boys to celebrate a birthday. Had a coupla cold ones and a shot then hit the club. Was taking it easy and remember up until leaving the club.

...then woke up in my car!

No recollection after the club at all, just talking to some chums outside then blank. Had one helluva a headache which normally would be a hangover but i wasn't off my trolley (although had enough to be decently over the drving limit) Went to hunt for breakfast at a train cafe which was shut, so decided to sleep it off in the car.

Tap Tap - Police at the window - as this was back in february and it was freaking cold here in the UK so i'd switched the engine on and musta lost conciousness, a member of the public thought i was dead from carbon monoxide and rang the police. I was arrested for Drunk in charge. Whilst being interviewed my story was jumbled and i started to lose the feeling in my left thumb and left side of my mouth so i sounded VERY drunk. Was charged and sent on my way.

Went straight to doctor -told me i'd slept funny hence headache- got worse - went back to doctor - again said tension headache - got worse went back to doctor - said cracked vertebrae in my neck.
Finally when i was paralyzed down the left side of my body and could no longer talk i was rushed to hospital. Doctors thought meningitis then a stroke.
CT scan revealed a DOUBLE haemorrhage.

Later a mate revealed i'd stepped backwards and tripped and cracked my nut on the curb. then stood up and fell into a car door...

That bought me 2 weeks in hospital after undergoing emergency brain surgery which apparently due to the extent of the internal bleeding promised a 50/50 survival rate. And lost me my license for 12 months (judge ruled as i did not have the surgeon present, my medical evidence was meaningless)

My point is if i could do that much damage (which transpired to be near fatal) whilst standing chatting, IMAGINE what hitting the curb at 15mph+ could do. Needless to say i ALWAYS wear a helmet on my MB.
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