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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I brought my bike home from work.

I hurt my back at work on Monday, so I had left my motorized bicycle locked and secured at work. Yesterday was spent visiting the doctor and the accountant.Doc gave me muscle relaxants. IRS claimed I owed them $9K, but I got it whittled down to $1600. That was painful too.

This morning I woke up at 60% normal, good enough to drag myself to work. At day's end, I wasn't any better, but put on my protective gear and hobbled into the parking structure. There she rested, my faithful steed, none the worse for spending the night away from home, waiting patiently for her master. My son had suggested that we strap her on the bike rack and carry my motorized bicycle home. However, she had a full tank of gas. It would've been messy if the tank wasn't drained before racking the bike. It seemed like a better idea to hop on the bike, hold on and ride away. My son has never ridden my MB's, so it'd be safer if I brought the beast home. After a thorough inspection,my bike roared to life, I hopped on, slowly rode down three floors of the parking structure and onto the road. This time, it was a joyride instead of a race home. All shifts were made smoothly at a much lower rpm. Traffic was left at a respectable distance behind. Six miles flew by before I realized that I was home. Road bumps went unnoticed by simply lifting my butt off the seat. When I reached home, my son was there to carry the bike upstairs to our apartment.

Home at last! Riding my motorized bicycle six miles was less painful than walking 30 steps to my home.

Time, rest and muscle relaxants do wonders for an aching back. I should be ready to ride to work tomorrow.

I can't wait for daylight!
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