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Default Re: The Pocket Bike Engine and Your Opinion...

I almost put one of my 2 Cags onto my BMP rear friction drive bike just to see what it would be like. I will do it sooner or later for test purposes.
I got a Subaru Robin 35cc on the BMP kit now & its nice, but the lighter more powerful cag should really wake things up. I like the DAX drive unit especially since BMP is RIP.
Running the Cag w/v-belt drive like I got it now gets me over 50 mph but when I dont ride like a lunatic, I can get 150 mpg's (tested this a few weeks ago). I am really happy with the Stage 2 Cags. Its a great powerplant for a bicycle application for those with the need for speed & fuel economy on a budget. I paid $129 w/free shipping on eBay from Zero-Pulse USA. I am using a single gear drive ratio of 15.6:1...It has plenty of pull from a dead stop & builds speed very quickly. Once it gets 'on the pipe' which is about @ 30 mph (the same point my Subaru Robin Eh035 runs out of steam), it pulls even harder to redline @ over 50 mph. I added a $15 fuel tank, $40 expansion chamber pipe, $25 flex pipe, $5 car spark plug wire, $3 new NGK plug, $2 Copper base head gasket, Premium ethanol free gas, & Yamalube 2R @ 32:1
I really like the fact that you can mount it using either the std clutch side 4 bolt holes (bolts right up to the 76-78mm BMP, Dax or Staton friction kits) or use the bottom bolt holes & mount it onto a flat surface (I mounted both this way onto 1/4" angle aluminum & 1/4" flat stock on one bike & slightly thinner steel stock on the other bike).

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