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Default Re: The Pocket Bike Engine and Your Opinion...

edit: just saw the last post by lowracer (sllow computer)

Has anyone used a cheap pocketbike/cag engine on a friction drive? I think it has been done. Yes, there are some really racy motors and parts, but I think the average 50cc stock engine is about $150 and common.

I think it would work great on a dax but like someone said, might have the powerband at a high RPM.

I had a pocketbike for a little bit (someone stole mine). I got it for fixing another one my friend bougth at a yardsale as a pair. The electric starter was cheap crap and was broken. The brakes worked but were mushy. The engine had a very obvious RPM range it liked (near to and upper RPM limit, no guts till then).

I was going to put stingray style bars on it and make it look like a moped so I could ride it around the rural roads. That is how I ended up on this site, looking for info.

xPostech, you might be able to find a hub-driven electric bike kit (wheel plus controller and battery etc), and put it on a gas bike (front wheel electric, rear wheel china kit or rack drive). Then you'd surely have some way to get far and speed up quick. Your bike would be heavy though!

Originally Posted by xPosTech View Post
Do y'all use those gizmos that generate while braking? I guess with one of those you could go forever if it was downhill all the way.

Seriously though, those uh, what is it, a super charge controller that reverses and charges using the motor for dynamic braking? That would probably only help in city stop and go but every little bit helps. Solar panels are getting smaller and smaller, too. Not much current but, again, every little bit.

Is ICE a gas engine/alternator to battery to motor drive? Do you use a fairing on your bike? The other aero stuff?

Has anyone down there tried making their own wheel motors/alternators using (if you can get enough) rare earth magnets scavenged from dead computer hard disks?

Dang I'm out of coffee.

1" roller Dax Friction Drive and Tanaka 3300 with mods.

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