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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Glad you are not hurt rmerac. That is cool you ride an motorized bicycle to school. I rode pedal-bikes a lot, and some kids were real d-bags about it. I had to buy an old road bike and convert it to fixie to keep them from wrecking my racing bike or messing with the gears. Luckily they didn't poke the tires or steal it.

Try getting some long bootlaces to use for leg binders. I like to ride in slacks and usually don't have a problem, but on a windy day once, I burned a pair on the engine fins. Use the shoelaces to wrap the pants (not too tight) so they don't flap. Also, getting some pedal extenders might help, or a longer BB or wider crank. (I don't know what kind of bike you have)
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