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Default Re: Another Newbie, advice welcome.

Originally Posted by bass4life View Post
Here's my questions. I like the Manic Mechanic adapter and sprocket but I have no idea how to tell wich chain I ended up getting with my kit. The Manic sprockets are listed as only working with a 215 chain. I need to know what chain I actually have and I understand I can not necessarily go by what the kit description says as the pieces / parts tend to vary from kit to kit.
Manic Mechanic sprocket adapters work with 415 chain.

415 chain is 3/16" between the chain side plates.

Some of the Chinese chains that come with the kits are slightly
narrower than 3/16" but if you order the adapter and sprocket
at the same time you can get the sprocket made to fit.

MM makes custom sized sprocket adapters that fit hub diameters
from 0.9" to 1.7" so they work on freewheel hubs as well as coasters.

I would suggest that you throw your kit chain away and use a
#41 chain that you can buy from Ace Hardware.

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