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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I was on my way to school at 730AM, made it almost there, just less than 7/8 of the distance. My pant leg got caught in the motor chain and I skid and stopped from 35-40MPH down to 0MPH in a matter of seconds. Got off my bike to tear out the piece of tiny clothe, nothing was wrong with the motor/gear. So I was just getting ready to hop back on.. I noticed the chain was loose, and guess what... the damn tensioner bent like a mother ****er. So I had to walk it the remaining distance, and got to school at about 815AM. Now I'm waiting to get done with my classes here in 2 hours, (at 1250AM), and see if one of the janitors would be kind enough to help me bend it back in place so I can ride home. I had a nice morning, wouldn't you say? haha

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