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Default Re: New build, very tight fit, intake fabrication.

Sorry mapbike, didn't realize how old the thread was. I found it using the search. That's really weird the rotor chewed into the case, wow. Is the RT about the same size as the NT? I know the CNS is a monster compared to the NT...

That's a good way to do it klapool, I wish I had a welder handy. Kat, I'm still using the shorty intake as a base, can't beat the port match, for sure. I did try an offset intake too, but the angle of the carb came out worse than with the shorty, and too close to the frame for the filter I wanted. Now I know, heh heh.

I may as well post a couple pics too.
Even with a Shorty Intake I had no room at all for an air cleaner. Ran great, but don't need gravel dust or something getting into the carb

This is what I threw on to get a filter on, and have the carb level, but the idles pretty wonky. Pulsing and whatnot. As long as it runs I should be happy.
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