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Default Another Newbie, advice welcome.

Hey guys, I just built a Trek Classic / Boy Go Fast 66cc bike and I'm having the usual problems. The chain tensioner dove into my wheel on the first run (luckily under pedal power and no real damage to the wheel) and the rag joint is giving me fits. I'm fabbing a new tensioner that will actually work and thinking of a hub adapter. I'll post picks when I have time to figure out how (I'm new at the forum thing too). The sprocket that came with the kit is garbage. The hole pattern isn't centered in the sprocket and there's just no way to get this thing to run true.

Here's my questions. I like the Manic Mechanic adapter and sprocket but I have no idea how to tell wich chain I ended up getting with my kit. The Manic sprockets are listed as only working with a 215 chain. I need to know what chain I actually have and I understand I can not necessarily go by what the kit description says as the pieces / parts tend to vary from kit to kit.

I'm going to be fabbing the tensioner this weekend and I'll try to get some pics up of that as well. If it works the way I think it will, it's going to be cool. Thanks guys, you've already been a huge help.
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