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Default Re: New build, very tight fit, intake fabrication.

fellas if you will look at the date you will see that my post was made in April 2010, that bike no longer had an engine on it just a couple weeks after that post, lower bearing in that ngine gave up the ghost so I rebuilt it with new crank...ect.... ran good for another 450 mile and then crankshaft shifted toward clutch side of engine causing mag flywhel to eat into case and crank seal on that side creating a severe air leak, engine is layed up waiting for a tare down in the future to see what caused the crank to get so much end play and shift over like it did.

I have the Manic intakes for all my engines now and have descovered that the RT carbs that Duane at Thatsdax sells are performing even better thus for than the NT carbs which I like by the way, the RT carb seems to give better torque and the top end speed is just as good or amybe a bit better.

Anyway, disreguard my above post from here on's a dead duck.....! LOL

Peace, map
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