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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Get well 5-7, back pain sucks...

dang, guys, I was going to paint the intake black(hi heat), but now y'all got me thinking of leaving it(maybe a flux wash to brighten it up). Copper line would look great, and I wouldn't have to use crappy looking zip-ties. Are compression fitting's the best way to go? The threads I've checked out with copper lines use a 'cheater' piece of normal line to attach to the tank/carb/filter, that should work good, eh?

As far as bending the tubing goes, I've read in the past that filling the tube with sand, or even filling with water and freezing it will help it to keep from kinking. I'm thinking for the 'old timey' loop. Or is it soft enough to coax it around a seat tube or something as long as I don't force it?

I'm still battling an air leak where the elbows attach onto the manic shorty. Doesn't idle worth a crap, lol. So haven't opened her up yet, don't want to cook it with a leak/lean condition.

What I did was cut a + in the end with a hacksaw to give it room to crimp. Not working out too good... Should get 3 more elbows and start over, call this one a 'mulligan'

That hourglass venturi effect sounds cool Goatman. Copper fittings are cheap to play with. Let us know what you come up with
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