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Default Re: New build, very tight fit, intake fabrication.

Good luck- BUT

I personally feel that it's probably not that good to get the carb so far away from the motor-

I got immediate excellent results with the same NT stock carb when I went with a straight billet intake- The Maniic Mechanic shortened the billet intake even further after that-
for more frame clearance and performance-
I also got one of those but not sure that made any performance difference
They have become less available now- except I see the tapped boost bottle on a couple of sites, and they seem to more have the CNS billet, which I guess is more needed for clearance
The larger Speed carb also upped the performance a bit, but not as much as the intake itself
A lot of guys have complained about the CNS the last several years, and I always had a notion that the extra-long offset intake may have had a lot to do with that
Just by using a crude guesstimate and adding about another inch or inch and a quarter for the billet intake to the carb assembly- it looks like one of those may fit the frame, if you can't get your own intake to work

You surely do have excellent mechanical skills for building that intake though- while I can speculate and offer my own experiences- I could not build one of those myself! The aluminum billet seems harder to get- maybe you could go into business selling short intakes...

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