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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I pedalled my bike to the Chevron station this morning to fill gas. Instead of using my reserve bottle's oil, I shut the petcock and poured in 2 oz at home. There might've been 8 oz left in the tank, so that made for a good mix when I reached the gas pump. After fillup, I rode on the bumpy grass for a city block. Then I stopped, opened the petcock and started the Tanaka engine.

Upon reaching the parking structure, I couldn't find my access key. I'd forgotten to place it around my neck, so I couldn't access the lot. I lifted my bike out of the way of the cars entering the parking structure. The lot attendant then opened the gate for me, and I roared up the steep ramp.

Thirty minutes later, I'm standing in my work cubicle.....and it hit me. My back went out. Methinks it was the way I lifted the bike out of the way and onto the concrete "island". I spent all day walking around in pain. It was okay when I sat down, or even drove the company car. If I pushed my rolling chair down the hallway, that was much better than walking. To play it safe, I left my motorized bicycle locked and secure at my workplace. My wife picked me up from work; it was a rare occasion that I let her drive me as a passenger.

Unsure if I'm going to work tomorrow. I already notified my secretary that I hurt my back. If I don't go to work, I'll still retrieve my bike from the parking structure and ride it home.....slowly. The hardest part will be pushing the motorized bicycle up to my second-floor apartment.....all 21 steps.
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