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Default Re: 4 stroke motorized cruiser

Originally Posted by jt1111 View Post
Sounds like it is easier to buy the 4G transmission and motor separate, and then buy tank and other parts, rather than a kit. Does the jackshaft kit come with everything to mount the engine?
Yes, the SBP kit has motor mount, cranks, sprockets, chains - just about everything you need. You will still need a tank, throttle, and 9/16" pedals. Depending on what type of bike you're using, you may also need a bottom bracket adapter to install the crank assembly. SBP sells it.

I have read that the hua sheng needs the output welded, has that been fixed?
The 4G's output only "needs" it if it breaks, really. Another member here shift-kitted a 4G about the same time I did, and he's had to weld his output freewheel. He also puts many many more miles on his motorized bicycle than most of us. When he hit 12,000 miles on his setup, I had 1000 miles lol

I'm getting close to 3000 miles now and my freewheel is still holding up well. Another thing you may have to worry about is the clutch drum on the Honda 4G. It may need to be welded, and I recommend you get it welded immediately. It's a 2-piece unit that appears to have been pressed together, comes apart easily unless it's welded.

Installing heavier clutch springs at this time is also advisable, the stock ones are a little too "light", can cause early engagement and difficulty idling. Finally, another point of contention is the clutch bushing. The stock one is junk, and should be replaced with a real Oilite bushing. They are $2, get several.
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